Parkour und Meditation (engl.)

Folgenden Text schrieb ich am 5. Oktober 2007 im internationalen, englischsprachigen Bereich auf Ausgangsfrage war, ob Meditation ebenfalls hilfreich für das Parkourtraining sein kann. Da demnächst die meisten seiner Beiträge im Forum komplett löscht, möchte ich den Text hier reinstellen – wäre m. E. schade,wenn er verloren ginge.

Parkour IS a form of meditation!

In my understanding, you do repeat here a mistake about meditation which is very popular.

What is meditation? First of all, it is a state of mind in which you are just calm. There are ideally no thoughts any more, when thoughts pop up, you let them go instead of holding on them, as we often do in everyday life. And you are ideally just in the moment, on a certain way full and empty at the same time. Meditation is this state of calm mind, no more, no less. It is a very powerful state in which nice things are possible.

There are several ways of getting into this state of calmed mind. Some of those ways are mentioned here, and there are much more. One of the easiest: just sit down, relax, and try to find out the most silent sound around you. When you get one, find the next silent one 😉

But whatever, there are hundreds and thousands of ways of getting there. Some are very complicated, some very easy. Some get you very deep into calmness, others not so much (but that depends not on how complicate the way is, but on how deep you give yourself into). Which way you follow is not important, as long as the way works for you.

You can even do meditation in EVERYTHING you do. Once my father gave me a big box of walnuts he had collected unter his tree, and he told me: „there is much meditation inside“. That was when I realized that you can use EVERYTHING you do to get into the moment, into calmness, when you really DO what you do instead of thinking thusands of thoughts parallely. Really: when do we REALLY do anything, being totally inside of what we do, without permanent mental distribution? Means NOT concentration, not fixation on something, but means being empty and open for te moment. I even sometimes meditate while car driving – just being fully present in the moment, really aware on anything along my way without getting into any fixation on thoughts or something around me.

And that is the mistake many people do: meditation is something very practical, which can be done in every moment. You do not have to sit down and cut yourself off the world around you, do not have to meditate away. Yes, the way of taking extra time for meditation can help to get deeper into it, to experience this state, and maybe even to work with it on a spiritual level. But never stop at this! Any meditation exercise is useless when you do not transfer it to everyday life. Every exercise always have to be a bridge to improve your life and your way of acting in reality.

I have seen many people in esoteric contexts who always only meditated in silence and took extra time for it, often in very complicated ways. They often built up new worlds of spirit and lived more and more in these parallel worlds. The effect: they had more and more problems to live their everyday reality. They improved more and more in living in these „spiritual“ spaces and paid less and less attention for their physical and everyday reality. What is taht good for?

No, meditation has to be in everything that you do, not only in isolated moments. And you CAN use everything you do as a meditation: just when you let go off thoughts and really dive into the moment, into whatever you do. When you feel yourself, your body, your whole existence (and yes, the physical existence ist at least as real as the spiritual one 😉 ) and really do what you do with your full heart.

By the way: meditation is a state you maybe not feel special in. Many people think they have to feel great when they get into meditation – no, that’s not always the case. In Meditation you just don’t care about having to feel special.

…and that is where Parkour enters the game. To me, Parkour is a great, very easy form of meditation. You really have to be aware about what you do in every single moment. When you are not fully present, you may fall on your nose, hurt yourself or even break some of your bones. Normally, when you do Parkour, you are fully present in the moment. That’s already a form of meditation!

Many people I see doing Parkour – including myself – very easy drop into this kind of meditation easily just by doing fully what they do.

And I think Parkour is a very great form of meditation. It not only is an art which makes it easy to dive into, it also involves the body which is an important, but in meditations almost forgotten part of our existence.

Maybe meditation in this understanding is one of the aspects which make Parkour being an Art…

But at this point I have to make one warning: don’t try do find meditation in your Parkour training now! When you are out there, do parkour and think about how to feel meditation in your movements, then you are mentally again not really in what you are doing! Right? So, as in many cases, the sheer act of searching can hinder the finding.
Again: when you search this state actively, you shoot yourself out of the possibility to make it real. When you search those things, you won’t find them.

The only way is: just do what you do with all of your heart! Just do whatever you fell that has to be done, just be aware of yourself and of your surrounding, and really dive into whatever you do. In Parkour this will be easy for you, as you anyway have to be aware and fully present.

So just use Parkour to really BE. That’s it.



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2 Antworten zu Parkour und Meditation (engl.)

  1. Anna sagt:

    Hi Malte,

    I’m sorry I’m french, my english is not perfect but I can’t speak german at all :/
    I discovered your blog totally by chance, I was looking for something really different, but of course, related to parkour.

    Anyway, I have no idea whether you’ll see my comment or not, but I wanted to let you know that I utterly take your point about meditation, as I also consider it as a state to be reached at any time, any place. And i find it witty of you to emphasize that parkour can be a way to meditation.

    Why do I take time to write this, now ? With no guaranteee that you will ever read this, according to the date when you posted this article ! Haha. Not sure. Maybe because it’s not usual to hear about meditation, even more in such a practical and clear-sighted way. Plus you practice parkour, which is not only cool but also let me deduce that you’re not old (to have enlightened thoughts about meditation… So it’s even more unusual as a matter of fact ^^). Besides, I plan to go to Germany in the future, and learn german decently. So Idk, maybe we“ll meet one day ? I definitely want to meet people like you… I mean, like what you sound to be. According to this article ^___^

    • parkourblog sagt:

      Whoa pardon Anna, est-ce qu’il est vrai que j’ai oublié de réspondre? Tu n’as pas donné une adresse eMail, alors je reponds ici. Aussi, je ne crois pas que tu le va lire.

      Merci pour tes mots! C’est bien de lire qu’il y a plusieurs de personnes avec des points de vue similaires.

      Tu trompes sur un point: j’ai trainé Parkour en age avancé, je suis 36 au moment. C’est aussi possible. On peut encore s’entrainer à l’âge de 70 ou plus. Ca ne va pas être le même si on regarde la force ou les distances des sauts, mais en tout âge on peut découvrir ses potentials.

      Je m’ai arrêté de m’entrainer il y a trois ans et demie du Parkour, mais j’ai pris les méthodes d’entraînement pour avancer mes petits et grands obstacle de vie tous les jours.

      Comme tu vois, je parle aussi un peu de francais. Et j’habite près de Aachen au ouest de l’allemagne. Si tu fais un tour en cette région, tu est bienvenue ici.


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